2019 Details

Saturday March 16,  2019 at Eastern York High School & Middle School.

Cost: to be determined






Additional Information:

Team contact person will be notified via email of tournament information 3 to 5 days prior to the tournament.

Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 3 games (game guarantee not guaranteed if other teams in bracket forfeit.)

Based on turnout, tournament officials have the right to reorganize, cap  the number of teams per division or eliminate divisions.

Please, no basketballs in gym; basketballs will be provided.

Player substitution is allowed prior to tournament or during registration, but not once play begins. 
Not responsible for lost or stolen personal property.

No outside food or coolers, please.

This tournament is not sponsored by Eastern York School District. 


Sportsmanship is having pride in your school, your team, and yourself.  Sportsmanship is respect for the game and those who play it.  Eastern York Dollars for Scholars reminds you that this is a fundraiser to benefit our scholarship program and we insist that you taken on the responsibility of good sportsmanship.  The score of any athletic event is generally forgotten over time, but the actions of the players, coaches, and spectators are remembered.  Play strong, play hard, and play fair.


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